A better monthly update January 2018

BONUS: 10% FTP increase over the previous month with no testing required.

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to  this months power test. Rather than taking it easy on Friday before the test, I tried a Zwift race. By luck, I went hard for the first 30 minutes of the race and was notified of an increased FTP.

That opened Sunday up for another Sauvie Shootout / smash ride. So I put some fenders on the rain / cross bike and headed out for my first group ride in the new kit.

My buddy John joined the ride which makes it more fun, and I managed to hang on to the sprint group until halfway through the second lap. That’s not bad considering how hard I hit training doing interval sessions Thursday and Friday.

Pretty Awesome all the way around!

Monthly check-in

By the numbers, I don’t have outstanding results for my first four-week training block.

  • Weight – Down 1 lb
  • Power – Up 4%
  • Watts per Kilo – Up modestly

Not terrible, but you know I expected more. It’s a reminder we can try to control the inputs, the outcomes follow. These aren’t always tightly aligned.

So, if I just finished a four-week block, that means I start a new one next week,  and here it is. Continuing with the Zwift theme, I’m going to do the 4 week FTP boost.

Except, I’ll only be riding four days a week, and adding two days of strength and a day of running. I’m sticking with my Racing Weight programt combined with the increased training load.

With Christmas next week, what could possibly go wrong!