My Best Race

I’m not sure if I have had my best race yet or not, or even what that means. I’ve had cookie rides where I went so hard I felt sick after. And I’ve had races where I felt I could move wherever I wanted in the field with little effort.

Sean in the 50+ group, having raced a fraction of what I have, can still out-kick me. So does that mean I can aspire to get better still? Or do I re-define my best race as something other than placing or making others suffer or comparison to those around me?

For some, illness, accidents, or life choices create a time barrier between the past best race and the future less than. Over time for us all it will become clear we will never again be able to compete with our former fastest selves. Since I was never that good, it is conceivable my best performance is yet to come.

The goal of beating the strongest version of my historic self is part of why I’ve made some changes for the 2018 season. Considering my life and the goal of having cycling be additive instead of definitive has me questioning if that is a healthy goal.

Ultimately, perhaps my best race will come when I am no longer concerned if I am putting the hurt on the group or if I am struggling to hang on. Perhaps my best race should be judged by the size of the smile on my face and gratitude in my heart for a healthy body, supportive family and the ability to do what I enjoy so much.

If those new definitions of my best race can be applied I should have many best races yet to come.

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