Saddle Battle

It has been said the best advice is that not taken. In my writing about beginning racers I advise a Bike and saddle fit, and I should have followed my own advice sooner.

I had a bit of a scare last week, which resulted in a doctors visit, a super awkward ultra sound, a urologist visit and perhaps surgery in my future.

On the plus side I got a cool new saddle that seems to alleviate the pain and discomfort. Today I got out on the bike after a couple of weeks of mostly being unable to ride.

Here is to hoping that bad business and awkward exams are over!

Some discomfort from a saddle is to be expected as time on the saddle goes up. I think the mystique of suffering on the bike lead me to wait too long to get a better fitting and set up saddle.

To be fair, I think my old saddle was just a bit out of position more than anything. But I’m not taking any more chances and got this Selle SMP.

See you at Portland International Raceway Monday!

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